Public Relations Division

The department, in compliance with its main tasks and objectives performs the following functions:

- organizes and holds press conferences, interviews and briefings about the issues of public interest related to the ministry activity sphere with the minister and other senior officials.

- prepares press information, daily press reviews.

- informs the minister and other senior officials about the important topics published in the mass media and if necessary ensures a prompt reaction to them.

- submits proposals about the participation of the ministry senior officials in speeches, permanent thematic headlines, TV programs through the mass media and ensures their performance.

- organizes workshops with the mass media representatives also with the participation of the minster and other senior officials.

- summerizes and analyzes the mass media materials concerning the sphere of the ministry activity, ensures the organization of the journalists' accreditation at the ministry according to the established order.

- coordinates and organizes the information service of the official site (www,mtc,am) of the ministry.

- ensures the implementation of the information owner's commitments, understandably explains to the information seeker the procedure, conditions and forms for providing information, processes the statistical and concise data of the received inquiries.

- performs and coordinates the senior officials functions of ensuring freedom of information.

- ensures the installation of the draft legal acts on the internet site of the ministry and etc.

The head of the department is the official who ensures the freedom of information.

Head of department: Sasun Mamyan           

Tel: +374(10) 59-01-40