Road sphere Coordinating Board

The road sphere coordinating board was established by the 13/02/2014 N 264-A resolution of the RA Government to implement and coordinate effectively the management of the road sphere.
The board is an interdepartmental consultative body and the main aim of which is the coordination of the events in the road sphere (including the information exchange), the summary of monitoring and the submission of concerning proposals to the appropriate state governance and local self-government authorities.

Functions of the Board are:

1)    To present proposals about the unified fulfillment realization to set standards for all the roads of common use (including roads of community subjection)
2)    to coordinate the work of making the annual programs for the construction,
exploitation and maintenance of the roads 

3)    to coordinate the work to make programs of mid-time costs of the road sphere
4)    to coordinate the input of the road assets managing system
5)    to monitor the process of the road maintenance planning
6)    to monitor the fulfillment of the annual programs of the road construction, exploitation and maintenance
7)    to monitor the state private and also international cooperation in the process of fulfillment of events in the field of the road sphere.

Road Sphere coordinating Board Staff

G.Beglaryan- RA Minister of Transport and Communication, President of the Board
V. Terteryan- RA First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration
P. Safaryan- RA First Deputy Minister of Finance
G. Badalyan- RA Deputy  Minister of Economy
Kh. Hakobyan- RA Deputy Minister of Nature Protection
A.Ayvazyan- RA Deputy Minister of Urban Development
E.Kirakosyan- RA Deputy Minister of Justice
D.Karapetyan- RA Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations
A. Hovhannisyan- RA Deputy Head of Police, Colonel