Foreign Relations and Programs Department

The department within its limits of its competence implements the goals and tasks set for the implementation of the following functions:

- participates in the project preparation and design of the international interstate and interagency contracts (agreement, memorandum, protocol), ensures receiving of the approaches and opinions about the projects of the interested ministries and agencies of the RA.

- submits proposals about international agreements related to the transport and communication sphere, organizes the work of interstate commissions of economic and scientific technical cooperation where the RA Minister of Transport and communication is the co-president of the Armenian part.

- ensures the mediated or direct relations and cooperation with the embassies of foreign countries and other diplomatic missions in the Republic of Armenia, international organizations and also the RA diplomatic and other missions in foreign counties.

-ensures the preparatory work of the project documents for international congresses (meeting, conference, session, forum), provides all the necessary documents for the RA membership in international organizations, conventions and other agreements, prepares the package of documents of agreements that need ratification to submit to the RA Constitutional Court or RA National Assembly for discussion.

-systematizes the international activity of the agencies and enterprises under the Ministry of Transport and Communication, cooperation with international financial organizations, implements organization of meetings, conducting of negotiations preparation of agreement projects, current correspondence etc.

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