International cooperation

The foreign relations of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia are implemented in the frameworks of bilateral and multilateral international treaties,  intergovernmental commissions, as well as cooperation with international organizations.

In order to ensure the normal operation of RA transportation for the last 20 years the Ministry of Transport and Communication have signed bilateral intergovernmental agreements with more than 20 countries.

These are mainly those countries, with which the RA transport companies implement passengers and cargo transportation. Till 2015, it is also planned to sign agreements with another ten countries.

Every year in the framework of bilateral agreements RA Ministry of Transport and Communication organizes permits exchange for international automobile transportation allowing unrestricted access and pass through the territories of states party to the agreement.

The Ministry of Transport and Communication coordinates the normal development of bilateral cooperation issues within the framework of intergovernmental committees. Bilateral initiatives and new projects are brought to life.

The Republic of Armenia is a member of key role international organizations and regional initiatives in the sector of transport and communication due to the Ministry of Transport and Communication.