Postal Department

For implementation of the set tasks and goals the department performs the following functions:

- participates in the state management, regulation, state policy making process concerning the postal sphere activity.

- acts as the RA Postal Administration while implementing international cooperation.

- works out normative legal and normative technical acts, departmental normative acts of the postal sphere compliant with the terms and requirements of the RA Legislation.

- participates in the postal sphere developing policy program and the monitoring process of its implementation, in the preparation of international draft contracts, signing, also the implementation of the commitments taken by the RA and the implementation process of other types of international cooperation.

- participates in developing of the postal network activity regulating events in emergency cases and during martial law.

- presents proposals for samples of state signs of postal payments, price, number of printed copies, the validity period, their printing and spreading, defining indexes for post offices.

- compliant with the terms and requirements of the law and other legal acts participates in the process of investment of administrative statistical reports (questionnaires, references and so on) concerning the postal sphere.

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