Road Construction Department

The department within the limits of its competence implements the goals and tasks set for the implementation of the following functions:

- works out and examines plans of developing the network of roads of common use, construction, reconstruction, exploitation, maintenance.

- submits proposals about the technical conditions of installation of service facilities and communicational ways on the acquisition lane of the RA state roads of common use and defensive zone.
                                                                                                                                                   - studies the plans of legal acts, developing programs, concepts, documents of normative technical acts presented by state management bodies and structural subdivisions of the ministry.

- implements the classification of the roads of common use and registers the appellation.
- invests relevant administrative statistical reports (questionnaires, references, etc) and keeps the administrative statistical register with them based on the collected data.

Head of Department: Qajik Qababyan
Tel: +374(10) 59-00-44